The Chickens Came Home to Roost and Michelle Bachmann Cries, “Fowl!”

In the News:

Congress Woman Michelle Bachmann had some very interesting things to say to the media at a recent press conference which was describing NjmcDirect.

Washington, Mar 4 – “This is a case of legislative fraud of the highest order. We now know that the ObamaCare bill contained advanced appropriations for use in implementing this massive government takeover of health care. This year alone, the provisions are already in place to spend $5 billion on ObamaCare, and another $100 billion will be spent over the next eight years, even without any appropriating actions by Congress.“

More and more we are seeing what Nancy Pelosi meant when she said the bill would have to be passed in order for the American people to find out what was in it. The Obama Administration has already added about 6,000 pages of regulations to ObamaCare, and this funding shows a clear intent to circumvent the appropriations process and make it much more difficult for future Congresses to repeal ObamaCare. When it was passed, Democrats knew they would lose the gavel. But this funding ensures they will not lose their prized government takeover of health care because it’s already well-funded.“

With this information, I am vowing to vote ‘no’ on future Continuing Resolutions to fund the government unless there is specific language included to defund ObamaCare and rescind the funding that has already been appropriated. Defunding ObamaCare, along with defunding Planned Parenthood, must be non-negotiable planks in our budget negotiations.“I also want to offer a public word of gratitude to former Representative Ernest Istook of Oklahoma, who worked hard to uncover this startling new information about how ObamaCare’s sponsors included several years’ worth of current and future appropriations for the health care takeover.”

As evidence becomes clear that the authors of ObamaCare buried mandatory funding within the law to ensure its implementation, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN-06) is calling for an apology:

“Those who pushed ObamaCare through Congress knew that a government-takeover of healthcare would be unpopular with the American people. That must be why they tied the hands of future Congresses by inserting billions of dollars in mandatory funding, spread out over nine years.“I am calling on President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid to apologize for this deceitful cover-up. By burying this funding, they have foisted a new $105 billion levy on American taxpayers.“

“The President and Harry Reid should also agree to immediately rescind that $105 billion, including the $5 billion that was put out in the current fiscal year. After this legislative fraud, and two federal court rulings declaring ObamaCare unconstitutional, the President should also commit to the American people that no further funds will be spent on ObamaCare until after the 2012 elections.”

Commentary: This is indeed a scathing indictment; however, it begs the question, “Why did it take the Republican congresswoman and former Congressman Ernest Istook of Oklahoma two years to uncover and expose the pre-funding of 105 billion dollars?” It seems that the chickens are coming home after all. The Democrats stole Uncle Sam’s car and took it for a joy ride while the Republicans were asleep at the gate. And now Ms. Bachmann cries, “Fowl!”

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